2005 to 2017 Twelve years in the wonderful world of books
Third Place, 2013 and 2015, Shoreline Newspaper, Better Connecticut
Best Bookstore List

   We are located at the lovely Water's Edge Resort and Spa on New England Sound

Boston Post Road, Westbrook, CT 06498
  Contact Hours 24/7 through the web or text
 860 391-9525 (call or text) for Book Orders or Inquiries

   Store Hours: 2 PM to 6 PM Monday thru Sunday

There is Plenty of Parking for your convenience

Calendar of Events
Saturday, June 10 at 2PM
An Afternoon of Poetry
Ginny Lowe Connors, West Hartford Poet Laureate
 along with
Allan Garry, Veterans Art Association Laureate
Gordy Whiteman, Guilford Poet Laureate
Julia Paul, Manchester Poet Laureate
Laurel Peterson, Norwalk Poet Laureate
Tarn Granucci, Wallingford Poet Laureate
Joan Hoffman, Canton Poet Laureate
Pat O'Brien, Old Saybrook Poet Laureate

Join us for an afternoon of poetry which starts with a reception at Burgundy
Books.  At 3 PM the state's honored poets with share some of the
poetry they have written at the Fenwick Room at Water's Edge.  Refreshments
will be served at both locations which are located on the premises.  Transport
will be available for convenience.
Tickets are $25.00 and $5.00 can be used towards any book purchase or store item.
Text or call in your inquiries to 860 391-9525

Mary Simses
at Burgundy Books and Water's Edge
Fenwick Room
June 17, 2017 at 2 PM

Mary Simses is stopping by to talk about her most recent book, The Rules of Love and Grammar.
Her first smash hit at our store, The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop and Café, is a
 story about new beginnings and the challenges that go along with it.  Of course there is love and what
one could call an ode to blueberries and the state of Maine. 

In the Rules of Love and Grammar, Grace Hammond is a young woman with a bone to pick
about spelling mistakes, punctuation, and sentence structure. A wordsmith by trade, Grace can’t let
even the most innocent grammar mistakes slip by. She marks up menus in restaurants
and cringes when she sees fliers with incorrect punctuation. Grace’s life is in need of correcting, too.
Laid off from her writing job and newly single, she hits Pause and returns to her childhood home in Connecticut.
Summer Refreshments will be served at both locations
Tickets are $25.00 and $5.00 can be used towards books or any store purchase
For information: Text or call 860 391-9525

Abigail T. Brooks at Burgundy Books
in the Fenwick Room
at Water's Edge
June 17, 2017 at 3 PM
Dr. Abigail T. Brooks is assistant professor of sociology and director
of the Women’s Studies Program at Providence College.
She will discuss her new book The Ways Women Age: Using and Refusing Cosmetic
Intervention, a story of how and why some women choose to use,
while others refuse, anti-aging practices.
The event starts with a reception at 3 PM at the bookstore, followed by the
presentation in the Fenwick Room.
Call 860 391-9525 for ticket information

Moses Farrow and Patrick Lynch
July 1, 2017, 2 to 5 PM

Water's Edge Resort and Spa will cost-host a special event for Photographer
Moses Farrow, the adopted son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen.  Also joining
us is Patrick J. Lynch who has just released a new book about Long Island Sound.

Moses Farrow

Patrick J. Lynch

Titles We Are Reading





Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan
Free Press, Hardcover, $25.00
Book Review
Contact Info: 860 391-9525


  BOOK SIGNING ON 1/12/13 - Water's Edge


What I Know to be True: Six Simple Words to Set You Free
by Lisa Jacoby and Caroline J.Temple
Balboa Press, Paperback, $14.99

Lisa Jacoby
Was An executive with Fortune 500 companies
 Lisa published Natural Awakenings
Holistic Health & Spiritual Awakenings

Caroline J. Temple
Originally from England, Caroline is a holistic psychotherapist
 Reiki and life coaching

Coming to Burgundy Books on January 12, 2012
Water's Edge, 12:30 PM - RSVP $10.00

The Katherine Hauswirth Book Signing 1/17/13


You Are Not Alone: Our Loved Ones Are Here - You're Just Not Listening

Have you ever felt as if you were not alone? Or that you were being
 touched even when there was no one around?

All I ask is that you open your ears, unlock all your senses,
 and allow your "peeps" to be a part of your life.”

Sydney Sherman at the Daily Grind Coffee Shop
Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 12:35


The Species Seekers: Heroes, Fools, and the Mad Pursuit of Life on Earth
by Richard Conniff,Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.Paperback, $17.95

Best American Science and Nature Writing, 2000, 2002, and 2006

2001 John Burroughs Award for Outstanding Nature Essay of the Year

2007 Guggenheim Fellowship, 2009 Loeb Award

2012 Alicia Patterson Journalism Fellow

The Lincoln Letter by William Martin, Forge Press, $25.99 HC
New York Times Bestselling Author

Both authors will be appearing at Burgundy Books on Saturday, February 9, 2013
Water's Edge Restaurant, 12:35 PM - RSVP $10.00



Jerks In Connecticut: Speaking Ill of the Dead, by Ray Bendici
Globe Pequot Press, $14.95 Pbk
The Path to Real and Lasting Inner Peace by Jane Milardo
Publisher, Synergy Counseling Center, $8.99 Paperback

Counsels for Substance Abuse and Recovery
Mood and Anxiety Problems - Bipolar Disorders
Relationship Problems

Both Authors will be appearing at Burgundy Books
 on Saturday, February 23rd at 12:30 PM
The Water's Edge, RSVP $10.00

Photo by Ben Mattison
When We Argued All Night by Alice Mattison, Author of the Book Borrowers
Harper Perennial Paper, $14.99

"Alice Mattison is a charmer.
 She's one of those uncommon writers who are genuinely tickled by
 the ids and egos they commit to paper,
and her characters bask--rather than squint--
in the sunshine of her affectionate scrutiny."
  --New York Times

Award-winning author of four story collections and five novels
including nothing is quite forgotten in Brooklyn.

She teaches Fiction in the Graduate Writing Program at Bennington College
in Vermont

oming to Burgundy Books on Saturday, March 23, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Water's Edge Restaurant - RSVP $10.00



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